I am a concerned US citizen regarding our current leadership. I’ve worked in nonprofit management/fundraising for 20+ years and understand research. Tonight I saw an Ad for America First Policies and was curious as to its intent and purpose. Through some basic research I found the following:




(again, note: the purpose stated above)


These are public records (unsure if our president understands that we lay-people can access these). The media has been accused of “fake news” (trust me, I am NOT on that side)…this is evidence of more of our President’s “untruths”.

My questions are:

  1. Why is a “nonprofit” needed to support and promote the President’s agenda? Particularly, when our current President “has benefited from GREAT success as a businessman”
  2. Why is the only action recorded as an expense to pay for advertising to oppose John Ossoff in the recently completed special election for GA 6th Congressional Seat?
  3. How does a 501(c)3 get formed this quickly (note: I’ve done my fair share of 1023 applications and it doesn’t happen that fast!)?
  4. Is the entity approved as a 501(c)3? I don’t see it registered with the IRS.
  5. Who is the contact person for this entity and how do you contact them (no email, no phone, nothing listed)
  6. Non-profits have several IRS designations. E.g. 501(c)3 allows donors to write off donations, (c)4, (c)5…NO. I, as a US citizen, have the right to request financials (which should include donors), board members, articles of incorporation, etc. OR…is this not required of PACs?  

Your thoughts and comments

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