Exactly…what is American First Policies?!

I am a concerned US citizen regarding our current leadership. I’ve worked in nonprofit management/fundraising for 20+ years and understand research. Tonight I saw an Ad for America First Policies and was curious as to its intent and purpose. Through some basic research I found the following:   https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2017-01-30/trump-advisers-start-america-first-policies-nonprofit (please note second to last paragraph … Continue reading Exactly…what is American First Policies?!

You don’t know what you don’t’ know…

You’ve been presented with the question.  “What do you want?” …or even better “What do you need?” … and even greater, “What do you need to solve your problem(s)?”. Oftentimes, these questions are too big, too ambiguous, and downright daunting.  What happens?  They get ignored. Here is a better question.  Is your organization living up … Continue reading You don’t know what you don’t’ know…

“Who Should Run The Development Committee?”

This question was posted recently on one of my LinkedIn Groups.  It caught my eye because most of the responses were very black and white (i.e. a voting board member) (click to view the discussion). I felt compelled to provide a different answer.  "It depends". Like human beings, no two NPOs are identical. Throw in Board Members, Volunteers and … Continue reading “Who Should Run The Development Committee?”

Strategy Lessons to Learn from Congress

On April 17th, the Gun Bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate preventing the effort from moving forward to the House.  News reports say that 90% of Democrats voted for the Bill while 90% of Republicans voted against.  The result left the effort 6 votes short.Those opposing the Bill stand by the 2nd Amendment in … Continue reading Strategy Lessons to Learn from Congress

Developing a Common Language

The Development Professional and the Finance Professional of an organization need each other in order to be successful.  However, they can't communicate because each are speaking a different language. I started off my week with a wonderful meeting with on of my area's leading CPAs.   She was conducting research on the nonprofit sector, particularly … Continue reading Developing a Common Language