When, where and how does one “learn how to do development?”

Most professions have a dedicated major, coursework or even specific training programs.  However, development (…or philanthropy…or advancement…ok… fundraising) doesn’t have an equal number of learning opportunities compared to the number of professional opportunities that exist in today’s marketplace.  Many colleges have developed and instituted coursework to cover professional fundraising.  Other institutions of higher learning have even created masters programs and certificate programs.  However, the number one way for one to learn how to do development is through experiential learning and professional education such as conferences and seminars.

I owe much of my learning to the many CFREs, ACFREs, and AFP Master Trainers who not only were experts of their trade, they were masters at delivering professional education.  I have made the conscience decision to follow in my predecessors’ footsteps to teach professional education and do it with the highest quality standard.

This page outlines the various topics on which I present with links to the presentations on Slide Share:

Feel free to contact me about other presentations and additional topics at (401) 263-4902 or email

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