Ask a small nonprofit why they do what they do and most likely you’ll get a response like, “to help those that walk through our doors”.  Ask a larger nonprofit why they are building a new building or creating a new program you could hear, “to better serve those who need our services”.  These responses are examples of looking in mirrors. They are internally focused views that do not impact people or entities outside the walls of that organization.

Take the same two examples and look through windows.  Answer the question, “how will my organization benefit the community?”  The small nonprofit might respond this time be answering, “we provide culinary training to low-income individuals to help them get a job, which in turns benefits the local economy”.  Or, “our new building will increase access to health care services – statewide”.

Avoid looking in mirrors when developing your organization's case for support

When developing your organizational case for support or program case statements do so while looking through windows.

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