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Extremely Disturbing

“Extremely disturbing” said my internal voice after reviewing the recently released study, “Underdeveloped – A National Study of Challenges Facing nonprofit Fundraising” by the Evelyn & Walter HAAS Jr. Fund and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services.  Click Here to access the report. Per the report, the study “reveals that many nonprofit organizations are stuck in a vicious cycle … Continue reading Extremely Disturbing

Nonprofits CAN Raise Money for Operations

"We can't raise money for operations.  Donors don't want to pay for salaries."  I have heard it all too often.  The well-connected, respected, influential (and often affluent) board member makes the statement that virtually kills the fundraising for an organization.  I know you've heard it too.I have a request of my fellow nonprofit fundraisers and executives.  … Continue reading Nonprofits CAN Raise Money for Operations

Don’t Eat Your Chickens!

A Question all Non-Profit Organizations should ask regarding their Board Members…  Are We Eating Our Chickens? Non-profit board members are organizations’ most important volunteers.  When properly recruited, trained and engaged, they act as the body with the greatest amount of influence and can positively impact the non-profit with which they are affiliated.  Yet, board members’ … Continue reading Don’t Eat Your Chickens!

Impact vs. Super PAC

Enough is enough!  As a nonprofit professional dedicated to building successful, sustainable organizations via philanthropy, I hear the comments all too often.  I hear that donors want their donations to create positive impact.  I hear that benefactors don't want their money to dump into black holes.  I hear that accountability, care and intention must be adhered to.  And, I hear … Continue reading Impact vs. Super PAC